Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd

Date: 13th June 2015
Dpb-250j Cantilevered Automatic Blister Packing Machine

  This machine is suitable for sealed blister packing of wide range of specifications of capsule, tablet, spritze, ampoule,

medical appliances, food, electron device, and small hardware device which is used in pharmacy, Medicine Apparatus, food,

electronic, small hardware etc.
1)The aims to invent this new type blister packing machine is to provide users with a blister packing machine which is simple

in structure, easy to operate, convenient to maintain and with high working efficiency.
2)ITo achieve the above aims, we put forward three technical solutions for this practical new machine.
3)Technical solution one: this cantilevered blister packing machine have two cabinet rail racks and the cantilever